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About Us

Ghost Ride Productions INC. was born in the year 2000, in a North Hollywood CA garage. From the beginning, our vision has been to create unique products to satisfy gaps and delight customers in the dark attractions market. With time, we have refined techniques, experimented a ton, and developed talented artists to continue bringing hyper realistic props and new ideas to the haunted attraction industry.

We are a small group of passionate artists and craftspeople who love making things that will delight and terrify audiences across boundaries. We keep our eyes open and our finger on the pulse of the market, to provide customers with “the thing that’s been missing” in their event. Each and every product in our catalog is conceptualized and handmade by us, in our Boise Idaho studio. Our products are not sold in stores.

We are particularly proud of the items we’ve developed to solve a need in the marketplace. Here are some of our original concepts that the industry has found useful:

Thermoplastic Cob Webbing System (2000)
Free animation pneumatic kicker (2000)
Soft foam body forms (2001)
Haunt Awards (2001)
Bucky Lids (2001)
Cob Webs in a Can (2001)
Incandescent Battery Candles (2002)
Rattle Cans (2002)
Secrets of Mummification DVD (2003)
Talking Skull under $1,300.00 (2003)
Sparking Slider Gloves (2004)
Butchered Pig (2004)
4 Part Foam Body Form (2006)
Schmere Aging Crayon (2008)

We hope you see something in our catalog that you can’t live without, and if you already have our product in your collection, that you love it.

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