SEE YOU AT MHC 2021 - JUNE 25-27TH

JUNE 25-27TH

clown crazed 2020

Our 2020 lineup includes a fantastical array of clowns – adults, kids, female, male, most with no blood, some with aged or distressed finishes. All feature colorful clown costumes, most of which are handmade and high quality. New this year we added hands with posable fingers so you can have your clown point your guests in a direction, or tell them to quiet down with a SHHH sign, or send a heartfelt message like our lavender haired girl “Clown Freckles”. Even though we do blood and gore pretty well, we do get lots of requests from event operators who want to “tone it down” – we can do that too! Type “clown” into our search feature to see all of our clown offerings together.


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