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The early roots of Ghost Ride Productions. Inc. started in 1998, fabricating custom pieces for our first client, Universal Studios Hollywood. Over the past two decades, we have accumulated a huge library of existing tools and molds that can be used to help make your vision or scene come to life. The best way to submit these project requests is to email us a description of what you want, including what the product is intended to do. Be as descriptive as possible…details are everything!

Send your request to: info@ghostride.com

Please include:

  • All dimensions
  • Specific materials you would prefer to use and color samples
  • Photographs and sketches
  • A detailed explanation of your application
  • A project or bid deadline
  • Your contact information (phone number, email, delivery address)

Upon receiving the request, we will contact you to follow up on your request and return an estimate as soon as possible.

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